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Getting started with Blogging

Posted on:November 22, 2023

I was thinking about blogging for a long time and finally made a step forward to create this blog. It will be a place to keep findings, tutorials, little helpers, snippets and probably more things than I can think of now. It is meant for those searching for topics I touched and myself as a way to denote any findings for the future version of myself seeking for that thing once done in the past. I hope you learn something from the things I discovered or found useful to be published on this blog.

How to stay in the loop?

Make sure to subscribe the RSS feed if you want to get the latest updates of the blog or to stop by every now and then.

What about the stack?

The blog is runs on Astro infused with the AstroPater Theme. The page is hosted on GitHub and deployed via GitHub Actions and I will make sure to document how this is done properly.

Cheerio and happy reading 🤓